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English description:

Free Indie-game about airsoft

Airsoft - Cursed Field:

Fight different Russian airsoft memes and escape the accursed game field.

It weights less, but it is the main part of the game. (because of compressed music)

Airsoft Weekend:

Shoot the crowd of friends with your airsoft gun and try not to get to the respawn zone.

Note: sorry, English users, a half of Airsoft Weekend could not be translated into English due to the glitch, does not allowing to add any changes into the game anymore, but who cares about the text in shooter anyway? :). Sorry for the inconvenience.

Game resolution: 640x480

The first part (Airsoft Weekend) weights more than the second one, Cursed Field. This is because of uncompressed sounds, while Cursed Field is still the main part of the game, more refined. Let me introduce to you some Russian airsoft memes.


One who plays airsoft drunken. Although in Russia it is against the rules, there were cases when drunk on airsoft game led to unpleasant consequences.


A person, who plays airsoft with poor gear. Very poor. And not wanting to change anything. People, called "slim" are often inadequate, as a rule, they are underage children.
Same to "Chavsofter".


One who wears different camouflages/gears of different armies at the same time, which gives him rather silly view.


A person, who does not accept hits, playing unfair, is called "macleod", meaning that he deflects all the hits/bears the pain. No one wants to play with such persons for obvious reasons.


Airsofter, goes in for "s.t.a.l.k.e.r." theme, but dressing more like a hobo.


Good-old dispute what's better- airsoft or paintball? Should I explain?

Historical reenactor

A person, who reconstruct different historical events and dresses like a man of a certain time and event. Many airsofters are actually reenactors.

Russian description:

Airsoft - Cursed Field: Мини-игра про страйкбол. Вы- ведроид, и вам предстоит сразиться с Маклаудами, покемонами, дрищами, алкострайкерами, свалкерами, Человеком-Согласование, а так же злобным Чёрным Дрищём!

Airsoft Weekend: вам предлагается расстрелять толпы друзей из страйкбольного оружия, посидеть на мертвяке, а так же суперсекретная миссия, название которой, "Срач на конфе", пока что держится в строжайшем секрете.

Разрешение игры: 640х480

Инструкция по скачиванию:

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4. Иначе, переходите сразу к скачиванию
5. Наливаем себе чай, в любом случае

Группа Вконтакте

Внимание, Airsoft Weekend весит больше из-за не сжатой музыки. Тем не менее, основная часть- это Cursed Field


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